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I like to tinker. It is the way I learn best. Along with that I love sharing information and documenting it through various mediums like this blog. One of my shortcoming however is I have no artistic sense.

As I started to dive into Generative AI, one of the areas that intrigued me the most was the area of Text To Image. Most of my sites have been extremely bland because I lack any sort of graphic design capabilities. In my recent reading of Artificial Intelligence & Generative AI for Beginners, it helped me work through an area where AI could help me.

Image Generators

For this project of sprucing up my https://tools.woohoosvcs.com site I used DALLE-E but it is not the only one. There are many and easy to find. It does require the Plus subscription of ChatGPT. The Bing Image Creator is a free version of that with limits. It uses the same engine, as I understand it.


Prompting is key. We want to ensure that we’re guiding AI in the right direction. Perhaps this will not be as necessary in the future but for now it really helps. A simple prompt of “Generate an image logo to depict an ssl certificate” and DALL-E will get to going. The more specific guidance you can give it the better though. This will help ensure uniqueness as well as specificity.


For this, I updated the https://tools.woohoosvcs.com and if you want to see what it used to look like you can go to https://tools.woohoosvcs.com/old

For a side by side

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